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Levitra for sale our life has always been, at first, we were considered professionals - industrialists, farmers, scientists, Party workers ... But after having served the allotted returned home, took off his tie and jacket - Real, the one that never made public - private life. That was in Galich, Vysotsky, in Posner, in Maslyakova ... It took place in the kitchen, my friends, have a favorite, in the bar, levitra cupon, and in the morning we are again tightened his tie and went to the service of the same impersonal - so what demanded homeland and The consignment. It was born at a time known to everyone saying "was not seen in alcoholism, but in the morning drinking cold water", which with the same success applies to any of us, and to our boss.


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Yes, privacy was at each and every one of us ever engaged in masturbation, frame Woman or puzzled, where else would make the top ten, to make a gift to his wife or child. We wanted to have a personal butcher, personal hairdresser, personal doctor, trays them every little thing or not a small thing to eat delicious, decent look and feel better. From all this and much more was formed a significant part of our lives, as it were, remained behind the scenes and had no value to society and the state, although it is the essence of our existence.
Why is the most popular was the transfer of "Field of Dreams", on which like all laugh, joke. Yes, because there is something twisted and shaped as letters they guess - we, the viewers, have time to guess the whole word, and we are happy about the fact that so smart. This levitra for sale experience and the shepherd in some mountain village, and provincial teacher, and the Moscow intellectual. Each nice to make sure that it - smarter than those who are on the screen, and levitra online thank God that he is given the opportunity to see this, and do not learn how to live with whom and how much.
Television today konfliktno, politicized, steeped callousness, anger, and the audience feels it, switch to the "rich" and "Field of Dreams."


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And rightly so, that the switches, because everyone else is not transfer molded for him, and for high-uncle's political chair, which some TV people miluyutsya others - bark. Before the audience with his headache neither one nor the other does not care. Order levitra for this forgotten and abandoned the viewer we do our newspaper.
I remember last year when we decided to print sexy ads, I tensed and waited for the impact. Indeed, the roof caved in calls and emails. What? He calls the old man, it is the chairman of a division of the Veterans Committee and said that he and his comrades are outraged. How do you think what? The fact that the newspaper "Private life" is not a subscription, and buy another number can not always and not everywhere.
Or comes a couple of days ago to the editor retired seventy-two years, paying 900 rubles, and requests to publish the announcement that he really wants to touch, caress a woman. He said to order levitra our staff - Grandpa, are you with the same case as possible and die. And he says - it is better to die so, than from hunger and boredom. And it is - right.